Golden Elixir Enterprises is a family company that creates board games for families, friends, and for businesses. Our company strives to make board games that bring a unique experience to its customers, through patented innovative game play, humor, and collaboration of players. We believe in creating beautiful games that are intellectually stimulating, and handsomely crafted. Color and quality matter to us. Our games are made in the USA!

It's our pleasure to introduce you to...

House Guests From Hell. We worked on this game for three years from an idea on paper, that became three different prototypes to finally become a manufactured product.

Family made! Made in the USA!

Our artwork originated on paper, all hand drawn
and finished off with watercolors.

 In an attempt to gather as much exposure as possible during 2019, we traveled the country attending Small Businesses Expos with our game, House Guests From Hell. We began networking and meeting so many different people trying to establish our company on solid footing that is so vital for a small business to thrive. 

Our board game plays 2 to 6 players, but we discovered that it can be used in business as a team building, communications, and sales tool. This was unforeseen when we made it. When you have two players working together with one pawn, they have to collaborate on strategy, creative problem solving, persuading the other teams that their ideas are awesome, and develop listening skills as a side effect of playing the game. So now that 6 player game can be morphed into a 12 player business party game.  

When you watch the videos of people playing the game, pay attention to the smiles and listen to the laughter. 

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