Commonly Asked Questions:
Q: What is HGFH?
A: House Guests From Hell is a board game that was created by Shelly Pritchett and her three adult kids. This game brings a unique experience to the table, through patented innovative game play, humor, and collaboration of players.
Q: What inspired this game?
A: We were inspired by real life challenges and lots of adversity through taking care of individuals some with autism, several nudest, a few sex perverts, psychotics and others with extreme eccentric behavior. Humor is the best way to get through tough situations, and many people all over the world have similar experiences with atrocious house guests.  But what to do about those house guests was the motivation behind making the game.                 
Q: How long did it take?
A: The creation of the game began in 2017, and continued through various stages until it was ready to sell at the end of 2019.
Q: Who is HGFH for?
A: Everyone except little kids. There is a bit of potty humor in some of the cards which is what makes the game so funny. We have test played with a wide spectrum of people ranging in ages. We have received positive feedback from every age group.