Golden Elixir Enterprises is a family business that was inspired by an endless stream of eccentric visitors that passed through our door. We have had to improvise and be quick on our feet to entertain them. We have played to our strengths in using wit, creativity, and problem solving, with a broad sense of humor in the development of our game, House Guests From Hell.


Golden Elixir's focus is on creating games that are thought-provoking, addictive, and sometimes even a bit cheeky. Our hope is that we can create products that will help renew interaction and foster connection in an increasingly digital world.

Shelly Pritchett:


Shelly is the leader of the family and president of Golden Elixir Enterprises. She is the originator of the idea for the board game, House Guests From Hell.

She worked in the financial industry as a second mortgage officer for 10 years. Shelly worked for 16 years as CFO for Hunein F. Maassab (patented pharmaceutical drug, Flumist), and his family. It was during this time working for Dr. Maassab and his family, that Shelly and her adult kids started creating the board game.

She has overcome a turbulent life and has tenaciously pursued creating a better life for herself and her children. All three of her children had severe dyslexia and she home schooled them for part of their primary education.  Through terrific determination she helped them navigate the public school system, compete at grade level and go on to college.

Shelly has been a foster parent, and has experience caring for people with diseases and various disorders, helping them live a life with greater meaning and purpose.



kathryn Pritchett:

Kathryn is the creative brains of the family. She is a grad from the University of Michigan in Graphic Design. She studied Monumental Art for three years at St. Tikhon's Orthodox University in Moscow, Russia. She has many hobbies and a deep love of frogs, rabbits, creating artsy beautiful things, and painting.

Elizabeth Pritchett:


Elizabeth has a bachelors of science from the University of Michigan. A true introvert, since a young age she has had an extraordinary connection with animals. She has a passion for animal husbandry keeping ducks, turkeys, standard poodles and horses.


peter Pritchett:

Peter is an extrovert with a big heart. He is a former hockey player of 16 years. He worked as a personal trainer for clients with special needs (neurological diseases) for 7+ years. He has a passion for ridding and training horses, working with others, and making board games that create laughter and foster a deeper connection.